Welcome to our exciting Theater programs! Theater helps you express yourself, tell stories through personal narratives or reinvent yourself from lands of make believe. It influences the way we think and feel about the world around us!

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NEW! Acting in Performance

(Grades 3-9)

Recommended for students who are currently in or planning to participate in a play or musical production, this class focuses on meeting the needs of each actor and working to get to the next level of performing for an audience. Through learning and application of techniques, we will work on setting each actor's goals and finding and fixing performance gaps through individualized coaching on techniques and methods for performance. The second half hour will focus on extension of the craft by digging deeper into character work, objectives, relationships, and putting the words to action to develop a scene or monologue that engages the audience into the world of the character. This class concludes with a monologue showcase on the last day of class.


Session 1: January 11 - February 15
Session 2: February 22 - April 5, No class 03/29/23

4:20-5:20 pm
Sports and Recreation Center, Studio
$135 R/ $169 NR per session